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Up To The Mountain

BRANDEN & JAMES release new single & music video for “Up To The Mountain.” Recorded in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with producer, Carlos Santana, it is a classical/folk mashup with the beloved sacred song, “Amazing Grace.” The music video, which is an homage to the fallen soldiers in Afghanistan is a visual allegory to pay remembrance to those we lost as the US pulled out of its endless war in the region.

Filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area, the video includes shots of its beautiful coastline, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The song begins with a haunting solo cello line, and scenes from the Presidio National Park’s military cemetery. The video was shot on an iPhone 12 Pro, and produced by the musical pair with the help of their friend, Katy Stephan.

The song was originally intended to be a part of the duo’s forthcoming Christmas album, but after listening to it extensively, BRANDEN & JAMES decided to release it as a single because it didn’t quite fit with the aesthetic of the rest of the album.

To view the video, click the photo above.

To stream the song on your platform of choice, click here:

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