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Blanca Navidad

BRANDEN & JAMES release the lead single, “Blanca Navidad” (White Christmas) from their forthcoming holiday album, A Christmas Gift. The lead single from their new album due out November 19th features native Mexican Al Ramirez on guitars, James Clark on cello, and Branden James on vocals.

They were inspired to record the song in Spanish because of the locale of where they recorded the entire album: in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Branden, identifying as latino, grew up speaking conversational Spanish with his grandfather, Manuel “Fred” de Avila. He has always had an affinity for singing in Spanish and Italian, particularly. “Something just locks in my voice when I sing in Spanish & Italian that people seem to resonate with. It’s also easier to sing on pure, latin vowels than it is with complicated diphthongs that are riddled in the English language,” says the America’s Got Talent finalist, Branden James.

Ramirez' brilliant guitar opening creates a warmth that instantly transports you to the fireside at Christmastime. The cello and guitar are made for one another. This song, along with Branden’s tender and sometimes vulnerable vocals make the listener feel contemplative and satisfied. To stream this single on your preferred platform, please visit:

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