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A Christmas Gift

BRANDEN & JAMES are bringing a soulful new sound to fans with the long-awaited release of their holiday album, A Christmas Gift.

Listeners can stream the album here on their preferred platform:

A follow up to their critically-acclaimed 2020 album, Chasing Dreams, the forthcoming album is set to drop on November 19th, 2021 and includes a duet with American Idol’s Effie Passero. Listeners will be able to find the new music across all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) as well order physical copies from the artist’s website:

A Christmas Gift features ten tracks; subtly accompanied by piano, and a chorus of cellos composed by the duo’s arranger and cellist, Australian native, James Clark. “Be Still,” a collaboration with 2018 American Idol alum Effie Passero, is a reimagined cover by American rock-band, The Fray, highlighting Passero’s operatic chops, and Branden’s powerful tenor voice, while the cello weaves effortlessly in between the two.

Some tracks such as Amy Grant’s hit song, “Breath Of Heaven,” and Andrea Bocelli’s “Caro Gesu Bambino” are lushly orchestrated, others comparatively, such as Joni Mitchell’s emotional ballad, “River” and “Blanca Navidad,” aka Bing Crosby’s iconic “White Christmas” are stripped down at times with only a stirring solo voice, some piano, and a stray, acoustic guitar.

Since their recording career began in 2016, BRANDEN & JAMES’ adult-contemporary style remains present yet matured, with fresh, classical takes on more modern covers such as “Mary Did You Know,” and “Glasgow Love Theme” from the film, Love Actually. The pair recorded the album with multi-platinum, Latin American producer, Carlos Santana who has produced hits for the likes of Filippa Giordano, Banda El Recodo, and Vikki Carr.

BRANDEN & JAMES just finished a performing arts center tour of the midwest which they will repeat in the Spring of 2021. They’ll also hit multiple venues in Texas, Florida, California, and Mexico to present concerts aptly named, “A Christmas Gift” with special guest singer, American Idol’s Effie Passero.

Australian cellist James Clark, the duo’s co-creator and arranger says: “People tell us we’re like Josh Groban meets The Piano Guys. The cello is a very trendy instrument these days; appearing on many mainstream artists’ new works. On this album, we wanted to create a vibe that captures the listener, and doesn’t let them go until it’s completed. Every track on this album has a similar mood, harmonic structure, and pace about it.”

Simon & Schuster published author & America’s Got Talent finalist Branden James adds, “We were in the peak of Covid-19 when we recorded this album. We chose a lot of emotional songs for the album; almost subliminally. Now, we realize how many of them might pull on people’s heartstrings as they reflect on the devastation the pandemic has left behind. So many homes will have empty chairs at their dinner tables this holiday season. We hope this album will provide some catharsis, and healing.”

Listeners can stream the album here on their preferred platform:

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