20 Things We'll Never Take For Granted Again

20 things we’ll never take for granted again

There are at least 20 things we’ll never take for granted again. At this unprecedented time, we’ve put together a list of things that matter most to us. Many things on this list would have never been thought of, even a month ago. Our world as we know it, has forever changed.

But look around you: amidst all of the doom and gloom, there is beauty everywhere. Humanity is shining brighter than it has in years. Crime rates are lower, there is a global drop in pollution , random acts of kindness are trending.

We are firm believers that Mama Nature (as our friend fondly refers to her), has a way of taking care of things when she needs to. Humans were slowly forgetting how to be kind to one another. We’d been abusing the planet for decades and many were turning their heads away from it. We needed a reset, and we got one. This is a good thing. Death, destruction and uncertainty are not pleasant. But out of hardship and trial comes beauty, and rebirth.

Here is our list of 20 things we’ll never take for granted again. What is on your list?

  1. The bravery of a nurse

  2. A grocery store worker

  3. A doctor

  4. Our friend, a dentist, who is only open for emergencies and, despite his $2 million dollar debt from buying his new practice, he has graciously decided not to charge any of his patients during this time.

  5. The excitement of going to a Broadway show

  6. A flight attendant

  7. A postal worker

  8. A food delivery person

  9. A pharmacist

  10. The comfort of human touch

  11. A dinner party

  12. A movie theatre

  13. A lively restaurant on a fun night out

  14. A long walk on a public beach

  15. A picnic in the park with friends

  16. A concert at The Hollywood Bowl, or Madison Square Garden

  17. The hustle of a crowded shopping mall when it comes time for the holidays

  18. A smile from a perfect stranger who is probably having a harder time than we realize

  19. Hugging our family and friends

  20. Being healthy

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