Coming Home for Thanksgiving

We're coming home for Thanksgiving

We’re coming home to play shows in San Diego and Palm Springs this month. It might seem routine since we’ve been playing in both places consistently for three years. However, there is more to the story. Earlier this year, my Aunt cornered me at a Palm Springs sports bar and beckoned with me. She said, “Branden: you haven’t been home for Thanksgiving in four years now and your Mom misses you.” Truth is, we see our parents a fair amount for being the vagabonds we are. They come to our shows all over, we pay visits to them at least once a year—even in Australia!

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends

However, being home around the holidays creates special significance for everyone. It took me years to understand that parents love it when their kids are home: sleeping in their own beds. There must a deep hunger that is satisfied when your adult family is all reunited under the same roof. We planned our shows just before Thanksgiving so we could spend time at home with my family afterwards. Our Thanksgiving traditions run deep. My Mom has cooked for upwards of 60 people at Thanksgiving since well before I was born. We are thrilled to be coming home to celebrate with the whole family and maybe even play a few tunes. If you’re in Southern California at that time, let us know!

Come see us in Southern California

If you’re in the area, consider coming to one of our shows. We’re playing a bunch of new songs in our show, “All You Need is Love”, at Martini’s Above Fourth in San Diego. On November 22nd & 23rd we move over to The Purple Room in Palm Springs. It is the first time that we’re playing two nights in a row in Palm Springs. It’s a big leap, but I think we’re ready for it. Please visit for more details. We can’t wait to express how grateful we are in person to everyone. We love you!

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